Two of a kind

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  1. JusT

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    They say the postpartum ghost got him guarding himself
    Gone with the thought that there was nothing else but God and himself
    Deflowered wisdom breached within
    His defense was being defenseless
    Turning the other cheek by disagreeing with his senses
    His friends say he's senseless
    A poor spirit
    Torn from hearing Fear itself incarnated
    Assuming it would spawn hatred
    He renounced the World and everything inside
    Hoping it'll all make sense one day
    As he survives
    Off what the Lord provides
    But still....
    "Its not enough" he always says to himself
    So still he guards himself
    Severing belief in God and self
    "It'll make sense when I face the things I fear of..."
    I knelt down to pray
    "Saying God I hope you hear us both...."
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    :hug: Thanks for sharing :heart:
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