Two poems (May Trigger) Serenity, Hari Kiri

Discussion in 'Poet's Corner' started by amroth, Aug 6, 2007.

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  1. amroth

    amroth Active Member

    These two poems kind of go hand in hand a bit, a bit of a different side of me. Hope you enjoy.


    To this I say my last goodbye.
    For all the woe and darkened eyes.
    For all who love to see this fate.
    For all who hear the siren cry.

    Love me not for I am one.
    Love me till I am none.
    Foolish words whisper here.
    …all alone time to fear.

    Demon eyes fill my mind,
    Closing through the forgotten soul.
    Fall with me into abyss.
    Live a life through this bliss.

    Speaking in a forbidden tongue.
    All alone
    What Have I become?

    Hari Kiri

    Pass through the shallow wall.
    Break through the forgotten memory.
    Your worst fear
    The one you hold dear

    Lost to the depths
    The depths you will not travel.
    The depths you have forgotten
    Your soul,
    Burning in the inferno of lies
    Incinerated in deceit

    Treachery falls near
    For you I hold dear
    For me I will fall.
    Into abyss.

    Hellfire cover my body.
    Hellfire consume my sanity.
    Hellfire take my soul.
    The ultimate sacrifice
    I give to you.
  2. expressive_child

    expressive_child Well-Known Member

    Once again, your poetry amazes me! The way you express your emotions with poerty is very touching. I really enjoy reading your work!
  3. amroth

    amroth Active Member

    Thanks ;D More will come ^^ , doing something new with some new poems i'm writing. Will post soon!
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