Two Poems

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    Through My Eyes

    I can see everything.
    I observe and take in as much as possible.
    I see colors.
    Brilliant reds, sun yellow, soft oranges.
    All so beautiful.
    The colors so vibrant, dancing in front of my eyes.
    Then suddenly everything goes white.

    The sun comes up
    Making everything a golden pink.
    The snow glitters and shines with a new brightness
    That makes my heart sing with joy.
    As soon as the sun sinks in the west,
    The moon comes up in the east.
    Again the snow takes on a new life.

    Shadows fall across this beautiful sight,
    Taking my breath in a single glance.
    I stare until my lids start to droop.
    This virgin snow, never been walked upon,
    Sits and waits, beckoning something to tread upon it.
    Sitting still, I wait, knowing the animals will come out to play.
    After a couple of minutes, the first sign of life in this barren field.
    A lone fox, slowly creeping towards the other side of the field.
    As low as possible, blending in with a dazzling white coat.

    As I gawk at this rare sight, another comes.
    A lone wolf comes and stares hungrily ahead.
    I sneeze and its ears prick up.
    It stares my way and I stare its way.
    It sees me and our gazes lock.
    As the seconds go by,
    I begin to feel strange.
    Sitting in the cold snow, watching such a beautiful animal.
    I don't move a muscle.
    Even blinking would ruin this rare moment.
    Soon it moves on, finding no threat,
    Leaving me to ponder this rare occasion alone.
    The beauty of the moon, so bright.
    The clear night, so cold.
    As the moon's lovely glow shines down on the earth,
    A long, moving shadow catches my eye.
    The hairs along my arm stand erect,
    The chill seeming to get colder,
    As a low, lonely howl breaks the night's silence.
    The howl stabs my heart,
    Seems to go down to my marrow.
    The song of Night,
    Lonely, sad, not fearing anything but starvation.
    Searching for it's family,
    The Lone Wolf seems to wander for hours.
    As the night gets deeper,
    The moon moves,
    The light, no more.
    One last howl rings through the air.
    My heart breaks with the sorrow in his song.
    Wishing to be able to run with this beautiful creature of the night.
    As I glance once more into the darkness,
    I feel a penetrating stare,
    Boring itself into my soul.
    Electricity crackles between our bonding stare.
    Feeling his pain, feeling my pain,
    Running free, being trapped,
    All new feelings to us both.
    The taste of freedom so clear in my mind,
    The horrors of being trapped so vivid in his.
    He finally lets me go,
    With a flick of his head.
    He heads north, into the mountains.
    Will I ever experience anything so bold,
    So beautiful ever again?
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