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  1. atercarus

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    An Old Friend

    There's this sad old part
    In my life right here
    Tearing at my heart
    Falling into fear

    There's an old friend
    Someone who's been waiting
    The last time was the end
    The last time felt like dying

    But I want the old times back
    It's the longing for the thrill
    But without it's like attack
    Attack and means to kill

    Some friends are cool and tempting
    But that doesn't mean they're good
    Just stick to your own thing
    Don't do it for the mood


    Running the razor in
    Running down the pain
    Deafening reality thin
    Immortalising blood in stain

    I have to have a fix
    I have to get away
    I have to have this fix
    Because I just can't stay

    And I ask why
    It's how I'll always be
    No that's a lie
    There was a time when I was free

    The burning in my heart
    The longing for some more
    It's tearing me apart
    And I just don't know what for

    Addicted to this liquid
    Addicted to this feeling
    Of all the things I did
    It sends my mind reeling

    Can't escape the longing
    Can't break from the hell
    Drug makes my heart sing
    But I can't get well

    Watching the clear liquid slide
    Through the thin syringe
    I fall back, eyes open wide
    Cold body with dead tinge.

    The music flowing through my veins
    I'm wanting ever more
    Can't take these internal pains
    Till death knocks at my door.
  2. atercarus

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    For My Friend

    It's raining in the garden
    As the ground begins to harden

    Was it summer yet
    Has the sun now set

    It's raining in my mind
    As I seek out my kind

    Did you find me
    Was it to be

    You found me in your dreams
    Nothing as it seems

    Why were you there
    So much to share

    It's raining in my life
    Cuts through me like a knife

    Where are you now
    Did you know how

    The sun steps out to play
    There's so much left to say

    I love you how I love you
    If only how you knew

    My World

    Night is when the sun comes out
    Night is when the air is hot
    Night is when the fun's about
    Night is all a loner's got

    I wake at nightfall
    Sleep in the day
    Against a brick wall
    Wouldn't have it another way

    It's like my pleasure
    To see your pain
    It's my way for sure
    It keeps me insane

    What do you see
    When you enter my world
    What you see is how to be
    When there's nothing left to hold

    The horizon glows
    And the day is near
    The loner knows
    His bed is dear.
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    Exit Page

    Quiet is this place
    Red are the tears on my face
    Shivering cold
    The pain just never gets old

    Black beyond inviting me
    Peaceful death enticing be
    Burning hot
    Pointless battle is what I fought

    Flicking through my life
    Naught but pain and strife
    Was there a point or goal
    To torturing a soul

    Turning the last page is blank
    Choosing my own death I thank
    So many ways out
    Pain is not what this is about

    Sliding down into the water
    My body freezing, the liquid hotter
    Clean a cut across each wrist
    Well I think you got the gist.
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