Two Souls Lost in the Time-Space Continuum

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    This ons made me cry too much :(

    You would rather cordon yourself off
    To put a no trespassing sign around your heart
    Than to ever be hurt again
    I know that feeling all too well
    The endless tears, the sleepless nights
    Wondering if you will ever be whole or sane again
    The road of life has treated us differently
    But the pain still feels the same
    You speak of leaving this earth so casually, so calmly
    As if you were going for a walk
    Before you make a choice you can't come back from
    Please, take my outstretched hand
    I can help you out of that black hole
    You simply think that if you shuffle off this mortal coil
    It won't disrupt the natural flow of time and space
    But I know if that day ever comes
    There will be a timeless pain
    The silent screams inside won't leave me alone
    As I will once again feel the pain that has haunted me since childhood
    So please step back into the light
    Don't look behind you, but head towards where you truly belong
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.