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    No one to talk to so I'm Posting it here to get it out.

    Only in the movies

    Only in the movies does it seem anything goes the way it should be. The world works in balance and there just seems to be some justice. A world where the bumbling nerd gets the girl, the smart and hard working have a better life than the stupid and lucky and a world where anything really is possible.

    It's no wonder I own 100+ dvds and watch tv nearly non stop. At least then I can deny reality and pretend that I have a chance at anything.

    Time to play the bad guy

    Life sucks, not getting any better, time to be the bad guy and say the things people are too PC or afraid to say.

    1) If you're going to debate something, make sure you understand it.

    Atheism is not a religion. It is a term to describe the idea that there is no God of any type. That's it. Any other parts are not atheism.

    Religion is NOT a belief in God, it is an organization that shares similar beliefs, follows specific teachings/rules and is completely man made.

    Faith is confidence in the unknown. It is not synonymous with religion.

    Evolution is a scientific theory that explains the way the life that exists today came to be. It does NOT explain how the universe was formed, or where the very first matter came from. It is NOT a topic of debate anymore, except for those who are not educated enough to understand it.

    Creationism is the belief that everything was created by God all at once and nothing new has come to exist, only old things have died. Life began on Oct. 23 approx. 4000 years ago. This is creationism and any of the other things you've heard about it is just one of the many twisted versions of the original belief. Creationism did not occur.

    2) Political Correctness is just as bad if not worse than just saying what you're thinking.

    By being PC you're basically saying that the people you're talking about are too stupid/sensitive/below you to be able to take what you are actually thinking. People need to realize the difference between language and terms used in hate and people using a word. If you still think it but then change it to something else, you're doing no one a favour.

    3) Get a sense of humour and learn to laugh at the crap. Quit being so uptight and offended.

    4) The world is full of stupid people

    Meh so pissed I don't even want to continue