two years, is it me or her?

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    is it weird for a guy to still have feelings for a girl who dumped him over two years ago? i mean, i dont want to date her or anything. it's just that i feel as if when she dumped me i was left with a huge piece of me missing. a piece that made me happy and not so shy and sexually frustrated. I'm aware that i am decently attractive sometimes, and even have situations where a girl (or two) comes on to me and offers sex. the crazy thing is, I refuse! no, i'm not homosexual. i believe bisexuality is very free-spirited but im just not interested in man sex. i dont know what the problem is, but the last time that i was seriously interested in having sex with someone (kissing and stuff is different), it was with my gf before she was my xgf. we never had sex because of her religious views but god we wanted to.
    anyway, sex is a little off the subject of what i was originally going to write about (it's an effect though, i believe). a while ago, she sent me a txt msg (the evilest of data transmission) saying that she wanted to see me. honestly i was stoked, but controlled myself not to let it change the two years of trying to forget her. i said sure, but we never decided on a good date to meet. then one night i went to 711 to get a slurpee and she was there with her friends. she seemed excited to see me, and we talked for like a minute until the cop said we needed to move, and after that her friends were ready to leave so we said goodbye and it was the end of that. i went to college the following weekend and stayed for a week until i had to come back for a dentist appointment. so i was thinking that she was interested in hanging out for more than one minute at 711 and texted her asking if she wanted to hang out or if (jokingly) she was content with the 1 minute at 711. well she responded "Uh I'm content". she's inconsiderate, religious, selfish, and dumb. i wish i had no feelings for her but she's still special to me and i dont ever want to hear false kind words from her again. i would tell her that but honestly that would just make me seem like a crazy asshole, and i dont want to to know that she still affects my feelings. anyone know any cheap/easy methods of brainwashing oneself?:dry:
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    I know I'd be incurably depressed, if that happened to me, but I'm most certainly not normal... most who've seen some of my posts on this forum, would agree with that.

    What did you mean with that the cop told you you "needed to move," by the way...? It's off-topic, but I have to ask.
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    By the way, I don't understand old girlfriends/boyfriends who say they want to meet, yet what they only want is to talk for a minute or two. Retards. -_-* She really does sound stupid and inconsiderate (like most people are, though).
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    Hi. In answer to Hae-Gi's question, the police told him to leave because he was loitering. In the US, loitering is when you hang around outside of a store. You are required by law to buy what you want, but if you stand around outside a convenience or liquor store for too long, it is against the law. I think it is to prevent homeless or alcoholic people from hanging around and interfering with business (I guess they think people will not want to enter the store if people are hanging about outside). Of course, this is a form of prejudice. If I were standing around outside a store dressed in Prada, I'm quite sure they wouldn't call the police.
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    If a police would do that in Sweden, it would be in the newspapers.

    Well, that explains something I never understood in the game Morrowind, when the guards would say "move on."
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