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Two years on

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A feeling of shock and a certain word escaped my lips when I heard the news. Life taken away.
'Always the good ones taken away first, the earliest', so the saying goes. True in your case. So true, my dear.

From hugs to friendly 'Love yous', to smiles and promises that were never quite realised. These all combine to form my picture of you. A happy one, forever etched into the little synapses in my head.

It brings a smile, a sigh. You're here, yet you're not. Spoke your language for a good six hours tonight, had much fun. For the past year in fact. A shame that you're not here to witness it. Think you'd be proud of me in how far I've come. I know I am.

An oddly sentimental moment: A sigh escapes my lips. A little swallow of something resembling a tear. They're for you. This smile is too. For the memories you made. For what you did, and for what you wanted, yet never managed to quite realise.

Almost two years on, you're still here with a lot of us - you linger on. That is sure. A hug to you, my dear.


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I am sorry for your loss; it seems you loved this person deeply...I am sure you can continue to live in his/her memory...what a wonderful testimony
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