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Tyler.....why now???

Okay, so my boyfriend Tyler committed suicide a couple weeks ago. He took a lethal amount of Heroine, and died at his house. Short suicide note, not like it gave any closure or anything. All I want to know, is why did I not predict this??????

I just don't know why he did it, and didn't suspect anything. He was never involved in heroine before, and I don't understand why he killed himself.

In his note, he just said he couldn't take it anymore......ummm......take what????

I'm so mad right now. I just don't know why he did this.
First off welcome to the forum. I'm so sorry it's under the cicrumstances that it is. Sometimes, you can't see or can't predict the way people are feeling because they hide it so well. Im sure he hid it because he didn't want you to see the pain he was in. You may never understand why he did it, but I hope you can over time come to terms with it even though it may be hard. Just please know you didn't cause it, you didn't do it, he had it in his mind that hte only way out of whatever pain he felt was to do waht he did. Im always here if you need to talk. My MSN and AIM are in my profile.

Kells :hug:
Not all things can be explained when someone we care for chooses to end their life. Some people are very vocal about what is hurting them and how they feel while others may not give you anything but suttle clues and if you are not looking for them you miss them. Remember that you are not responsible for his choices. That is sometimes what those left behind feel. I did not pick that up from you in this post, but as it has time to sink in and as time goes on, it is important for you to remember that. I am here if you need someone to talk with as are many other people here at SF. PM any of us. Take the best of care hun. :hug:
Oh, my condolences. Loss is so hard to deal with.. wether is a breakup, someone moves, death and or suicide. It's all so hard to deal with. My thoughts are with you hun. If you'd like to talk sometime, feel free to PM me or add me to MSN. :) :hug:
you are upset at the fact you had not predicted his actions. my father was having a laugh with his sister and arranged to go out for a pint the next evening. Everybody thought he was on the road to recovery. You cannot always predict things like this.
Yeah, well you see......I feel really stupid, because I had suspected drug use, and I could've done something about it. He really didn't seem like the type to commit suicide.

I just don't get it.

Lady E

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I also lost a loved one to heroin and it is hard escpecially because you can't always tell and predict Some people are good at hiding their drug use and some are good at hiding the fact that they are in a lot of duress.
You may never understand why he did it, you may never understand what was causing him so much pain.
I'm truly sorry for your loss. :hug:

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