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u ok?

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when people ask, u ok?
sometimes i think about saying No im alone in an endless pointless godless universe driven by money n greed surrounded by others who are blindly hopelessly clawing for salvation...
normally i say yeah, u?


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i almost always say im ok...i just dont really ever see reason to bother people with my problems....i duno i just give the answer i know theyre expecting to hear i guess.


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I can never bring myself to just flat out say "No! I'm not al-friggin'-right!" Even though that's how I feel. The closest I am to saying no is always this weird little "50/50 half n half" hand gesture I use to show that I'm not bad but not terrific either. And usually I find it's because people just don't want to deal with me and my crap. I wonder what their reaction would be if I just said "No!" without hesitation. Might make them a bit uncomfortable. Maybe I should...just once...to throw them off guard?


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I always say Im fine and then I quickly ask how they are doing.

This tends to stop people asking me about things by putting the spotlight on them and most happy people just love to talk about themselves. I guess its a defence mechanism because I dont like to talk about myself, even if its just trivial stuff.


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after being to a mental hospital for bi-polar saying "in the middle" happens quite abit, saying "reasonable" means i'm in a foul mood.
im saying in the middle cus any other answer isn't the right one, u cant b hi or low if u wanna get out.


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i either say fine or "so so" when i want to scream actually i feel like crap, but i cant be bothered anymore, and i dont want to feel a burden to the last few friends i have kept. all in all, i just dont care anymore, tired of pretending for most of the time...too tired.


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I usually just say "ok" or "ok I guess" and then ask them...

the few times I've said "not so good" or "quite bad" I'm usually ignored, or he changes the topic... so it isn't like he cares at all, most people just use it instead of saying hi...

Mr Stewart

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Fine! Which i'm sure comes off as quite genuine and sincere coming from me as I usually look like this: :insomnia: during the day.
I definitely feel the same way when talking to people. I think it's okay to say 'fine' or 'I'm alright' if you know the person's just making chit-chat. If someone really cares about me I always feel guilty for lying to them, though.
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