U.S. Justice Dpm't spies on news agencies to intimidate whistleblowers

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    It's a great way to suppress and control the news if journalists are afraid of getting the truth from sources. Attorney General Eric Holder claims the spying was justified in order to get information from leaks that suggested a terrorist attack somewhere in Yemen was imminent, and that the spying was meant to gather information in order to prevent such attacks.

    Basically the same reason the federal government has given for the past sixty years when caught breaking the law: "National security". It's actually surprising now that they're even admitting to doing something that they have already been doing under the radar since the 1950's. What whistleblower is going to want to call or interview with Associated Press offices now? If they're doing it to AP, there's no reason to think they aren't doing it to other journalists.

    Meanwhile, "security" in Boston...
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    :S in america too? Well I guess it's good that this has been shown. But it's sorta disheartening. There's alot of problems that are ripe in the news/journalist institutions. It's ripe with ads and over bearing opinons, lies and cosmetic crap along with the tremendous good. Wish things like this helped give some voice to the core foundations that made people care about what and how things were being presented to them.

    Spying though.. well what's the point then. These governments really think they are our bosses. No, they are establishments that we house and endource, that are there to help everyones progression and deal with problems. But primarly to maintain. If they control what can and can not be said, the new industry is working in their envelope, instead of working in our percieved reality that is this world. :S Scary.. there's some heavy handed stuff coming from Britains government in relation to the news media aswell.
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    Every time there is a call for greater regulation and greater oversight we are MAKING them our bosses and AGREEING that we are too helpless to do for ourselves. Every single call for more government action or restrictions on liberties and rights - anybodies- be it speech, gay marriage, or any constitutionally protected right we are giving them permission to decide for us and saying we think a politician in the pocket of a company is better to make decisions for us. Truly amazing logic when we most are clamoring to have greater government controls on corporations and it is only the government corporations can easily control.
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