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  1. Yoyogirl86

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    Hey All

    Can anyone help me out? I am currently in my third module of my BA in Health and Social Care with OU, everything is going fine as i have my final assignment to complete and I also have revision for exams in June. Some while ago, I applied and got into UEL for Psychology as i really love subject i have a lot more knowledge and it has a lot of prospects. I am not really happy with OU as there are no study buddies in my area and it can be extremely isolating which is not great

    So what shall i do, the psychology degree i don't need any qualifications for as it's already been accepted due to my previous access course with DLC. What shall I do? I really don't waste my current access course as i worked so hard to get it despite my mental health being up/down constantly. I have put in application for Scholarship and i hope to hear from soon.

    Any advice?

  2. Freya

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    I think that it is very expensive to get a degree and if you want to study psychology that is what you should do and that is what you should spend the money on. You don't waste your access course by going after what it is that you want - the knowledge and experience that it gave you, you still have. Not least the knowledge and experience of working for something through a very hard time and knowing that you can do it.
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