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    Ok...sorry i need to rant.

    Today was an awful day! Ugh! My sister is such a fucking bitch! She tells me to watch the kids so i do!! I watch the kids all day!! They were being realy big brats...but i just kept telling myself they are just kids. Well that worked for a while until my oldest nephew punch the little one in the face... :eek:hmy: so i put him in the corner just like she has told me to do if they fight...but then she gets home and my nephew goes and fucking cries to her like i did something horrible and told her he didnt hit him when he had a black eye!!! Ugh so my sister flipped out at me and is still flipping out at me over a text. :cry: i mean really dont expect me to be nice and watch your kids FOR FREE all day ever again.... :cry: And dont think i am coming back to this house once i get home :dry:
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    This happens quite often. Kids can be brats, even when you give it your best and give them a good time. They are unpredictable.

    Your story is quite similiar to mine. I've to babysit my brother quite often, it doesn't matter what he does, or when he does it. I'll always be the one who gets blamed. Even though, I didn't do anything.

    Uhm. What I suggest is that you take your sister apart and speak with her privately. Explain her the whole situation and see if she understands and believes you. You haven't done anything wrong! Why let them run over you? You try to be nice, you give it your best, but a thank you? Some appreciation or understanding. No.

    I'm hoping things will get better for you. You weren't in the wrong, and you have every right to be mad and upset, as her attitude was uncalled for.

    Hope this helps a bit. :hug:
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    thank you hun :hug: kids are brats :yes: lol