UGH! (honestly stupid :])

Discussion in 'Rants, Musings and Ideas' started by selly, Jul 24, 2007.

  1. selly

    selly Active Member

    i know it's a stupid thing to be frustrated about but i was supposed to be spending the weekend at my boyfriend's cottage.
    originally i didn't think i could go because of work but then, ta da, people offered to take my shifts and i was good to go.
    i was so so so incredibly excited to go up there.
    because it was going to be something that actually made me happy for once.

    but now, oh no, one of the girls can't take my shift anymore.
    even though i know i have until thursday to find someone else to take my shift.
    i still feel like screaming and vomiting and crying because absolutely NOTHING i want to do that makes me happy, no matter how simple, EVER works out.

    god dammit.
  2. Blackness

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    Try your best to find someone else, or even fake sick maybe? dependsing on your boss. Or could you organise it for another weekend?
  3. selly

    selly Active Member

    this is pretty much the only weekend we can do it.
    because my boyfriend is a workaholic. :dry:
    i would call in sick too, but my managers already know that i'm going away...

    honestly, if i can't find anyone to take the shift for me.
    i think i might go anyway.

    i mean, it's not even a great job.
    and i'm only 16, i'm sure i can find another if they decide to fire me over missing one measly four hour shift.

    it's still irritating the hell out of me though. :sad::mad: