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ugh i dont care anymore

Discussion in 'I Have a Question...' started by ///, Dec 22, 2007.

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  1. ///

    /// Guest

    Mistake, mistake
    Must take some more
    Drop my glass and lick the floor
    Drive me to the liquor store

    I don't know what I'm here for

    My brain floats on a bed of liquor
    Hardly breathing; getting sicker
    But who cares when drinking's quicker

    and more fool-proof
    than ending it?

    It's too much and not enough
    I'm too weak, yet I'm too tough
    I'm too sane, and I'm too fucked up

    ...and it's all just too fucked up.

    Whatever keeps me hanging on
    Listen to my favorite songs
    Tell myself that I belong
    Lose my sense of right and wrong

    Pffft, who gives a flying fuck?
    I don't care...

    Everything I do. Fucking wrong. Fuck you, dad. I'm wrong. It's wrong. Life's wrong. Damn it.
    What did i do..? how embarrassing... being so weak.

    Fuck it. I dont even...

    fuck, whatever.

    Just... end it. would love to just float out of life... calmly and finally....

    well, might not be much calmness involved.

    coherence is ugly
    and i can't get rid of my consciousness... :mad: existence so blissfully takes everything else away, yet my acute sense of perception just lingers like a fucking whatever the fuck

  2. whomever you are


    i care whether you know me or not. i care. fuck your father. live for you and not for him. i don't know what happened but you know what if you made a mistake let him deal with it. you need to live for you, love for you, just be you!! put away all the bullshit that other people bring to you and dump on you. tell them to back off and that you are doing for you and living for you.

    i'm sorry you feel the booze is the answer. it's not.it's an awful addiction that will just lead to repercussions that you don't want.

    please stay safe b/c if this is who i think it is. i love you dearly!!!
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.