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ugh -ignorable

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i cant take this shit any longer...

k thats it. sry i dont know how to say what im feeling atm but i, selfishly, wanted someone to know


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Hello and welcome to the forum. Im glad you were able to let us know how you are feeling a bit. I know it can sometimes be very difficult to put in words exactly whats going on and thats ok...you dont have to...what you said is enough for now...that was a big step....Im glad your here and I hope you can find the support you need and maybe over time begin to find the words to express yourself...dont feel pressured to have to put things down in writing...sometimes thier just no words for how we feel we just no we feel like shit...and thats ok....like I said Im real glad you were able to let us know how your are feeling....maybe you can talk a little bit about what it might be thats bothering you...if not thats ok too...you dont have too....take things at your own pace and we will support you every step of the way....I do hope you decide to stick around the site. Feel free to PM me or any of the wonderfull people here on the forum, if you have a hard time with putting things into words maybe talking one on one with someone would be helpfull to you....please take good care of yourself and lean on us....were here to help support you.......-Jodi
Hey rp2. Talk to us about things. I think I know some of the problem. Is it the same things going on? Sorry I have not been around for you much lately. I will try to do better now. I am glad to see you posted , even if it was a small bit. A step in the right direction. My PM box is still open for you if you need to use it. I will answer. Let me know what's up. We can talk about it. Take care. :hug: PS still waiting for the name of the new CD you were going to get so I can hear those guitar solos. :)
Heya hun... sorry... I saw this thread last night but I couldnt reply. I dont really know what else to say other than to hang in there... I know you can. You know it too... I think you just have to convince yourself that you can. :hug:



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You know what we have talked about so many times in the past. It hasn't changed hun. the same things apply now as did then. One step at a time. You can do it. i have faith in you. i know how difficult this situation is for you. Maybe we can come up with some sort of compromise. Something to think about anyway. :hug:


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i don't think i can hold on any longer... every time i take a step, its always backwards. every day just gets worse
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