Ugh, my boyfriend is so stupid...

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    I mean literally he's not stupid. He is outrageously smart, nationally renowned for science, etc.

    It's just that he's really annoying to have as a boyfriend. He's always doing other things and never has time for me... Technically I am in a relationship but I really do not feel like I am in a relationship at all.

    Like we didn't talk for two weeks because he was on vacation, and today he FINALLY came back, and then after 10 minutes he's like, I want to leave to go to my sister's house, but then I won't be able to talk to you.

    And I'm like ok fine then go. It's not like we ever talk, anyways. Just forget it.

    Then he's like, no matter what I do I can never make everyone happy.

    So I'm like, jeez just go I don't want to be squeezing you into a corner here, just go with your sister. Again it's not like we ever spend ANY time together or anything.

    And then he fucking leaves. I can't believe it. I mean even though this was on chat and not in person, it's still really annoying because I didn't actually think he would leave. How obnoxious. Ugh.

    Sidenote...I guess it's also probably really unhealthy for me to hang around him so much because he's so, SO good at everything and no matter what I do I will never be able to catch up. He really makes me feel like shit sometimes. It's like everyday he is a reminder of what I am not: confident, happy, successful. It's like rubbing it in my face...
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    if you feel like you can't catch up, there's a problem. and if he makes you feel like shit, there's even a bigger problem.

    honestly, if you think you can never catch up to him, why stick to him? i don't know how long you've been together, but a relationship where both partners don't feel equal is doomed imo.
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    I think relationships need to be able to meet eachother on a common ground. Learn and grow from eachother, and be able to relate. Its ok to look up to your partner, but not dominatly. Otherwise where are you? Just a shadow in comparison, unless they are beside you as you grow. Especially if he is interfering in your own personal development by intentionally or unintentionally showing he can do it better.

    Spending time is so crucial to any relationship. Is there any reason you werent invited to go with him to see his sister by chance?