ugh my repetitive days

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  1. Hdhsjsjsz

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    i hate it
    i wake up, hating to wake up and force myself to sleep just to feel numb or away or whatever. i feel sad throughout the day.
    i hate being like this, im also quiet and tired most of the time, i just feel useless and i hate it. i have a degree in engineering but even that doesn't cheer me up.
    the only thing that makes me want to live, or the things i've revolved my life around are my ex and my little lovely beautiful sister.
    i love my ex to death, she made me feel im worth something, now that she isn't around i feel like i have nothing to live for. Even though she keeps me company sometimes and asks about me randomly throughout the week, it sucks not being around her anymore. i miss kissing her and making her feel special too..

    i've become somewhat of an insomniac as my sleep became 3 hour shifts, where i wake up randomly during the day/night (depending on my sleeping schedule) so i usually sleep like 3-4 times just to have a full sleep (hope that makes some sense?)

    i hate having psoriasis and i have to wear a cap everyyyyyyyyy single fucking time just to hide it. it hurts it just does.

    im glad i have just 1 friend around who wouldn't trade me for anything.

    life is gloomier everyday, and i hate it i just do.

  2. total eclipse

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    I bet your little sister just loves you so much get enjoyment from her smiles her love toward you. I hope you have dr to help with you depression stay strong try to get out in the air new surrounding it helps
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    I know what you are going through with your whole ex situation. Mine is still around, she still kind of treats me like a boyfriend. It hurts and sexually frustrates the hell out of me.

    Sounds like you need to find something that will change your routine a bit. Break the cycle of repeating days, if only for one day. I cannot say I am the best at that. However, everything takes effort and a little faith. I am learning that the hard way too. It is not easy, I have anxiety attacks before each time I try to change. I will get over it though.

    Hang in there friend, if you need someone to vent too or someone to encourage you please give me a PM.