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UGH *triggering* (?)

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My food stamps re-fill today and I need to buy food, but I want to puke.. I don't understand it! I'm hungry and I try to eat and then I feel nauseous..

I think I'm too concerned with money.. And I need to buy some food.. Just also scared with the food allergies because they really aren't diagnosed yet so not sure what they are specifically.. And I'm afraid to buy much right now, because I don't want to use it all.. especially on food that may make me more sick!

I did get results I suppose on some basic allergy tests yesterday.. and blood drawn for a gluten allergy test.. I'm pretty sure its gluten.. Tho so many things contain it. I'm not sure what is really safe and not..

I'll have to go to the store and get something.. Because right now nothing in my cupboards is really eatable.. pretty sure all have high amounts of gluten.. And last time I had some noodles and I had really bad reaction.. Got really dizzy, tired, my throat felt tight, I made a whistle when I breathed out hard, I felt like I was shaking, my stomach hurt, my chest hurt, and I was a tiny bit itchy.. Ugh..

I'm hardly eating when I need to be.. But I'm overly concerned with money and food allergies.. I'm not sure how to cope right now.. I'm always really tired.. And I feel really dizzy and like I might fall over sometimes..

I'm so fed up with little amount of money I have to work with from the US government.. And all this crap!! I try to be healthy and seems like an impossible chore! How do they expect someone on Disability to even eat right! Do anything?! I can't even get a real job, because it would affect my health coverage and if I made enough, my disability and food stamps! Plus here therapy and everything cost you if you don't have any health care.. So I feel really shitty right now..

I want to puke.. But I'm hungry.. UGH.. :cry:


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You might have the allergies. But part of your problem may be nerves too. And as for the lightheaded dizziness, not eating well can cause that too. I'm not saying not to keep looking into the allergies but I think your nerves are shot and trying to let you know that. I've noticed in the last little while many stores are bringing in gluten free foods. Ask your local grocery stores if or what they carry. I know it's hard especially if you dont know for sure and when gluten can be in so many foods. Hope everything is figured out soon :arms:


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Hi Swifty...many ppl I know with gluten allergies eat rice products and spelt...hope you find things to eat that make you comfortable...much caring, J
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