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    Prenote: sorry for spelling or autocorrect if it is poor

    I'm do tired of everything... My mom and I are Fighting again.... I feel so alone... I am SIing again and am having to try hard not to tonight... I don't know that I will suceed... I'm suicidal and am having nightmares again... I feel so lone because I am losing everyone... I have few friends on sf and Almost no friends in rl. The couple I have my mom is fucking jealous of. It's like I cannot do right!!! About ready to just break down and give up... There is little reason not to.
  2. total eclipse

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    Hi hun hold on ok you will not be with mother forever you hang out here and talk ok and know that your friends will always stay by you hugs
  3. Theodora

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    So sorry that you're in such a bad place right now. As TE says hang on, when you can get away things will be different.