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  1. bluekangaroo

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    my sister is so perfect. She's beautiful, super skinny, funny, smart, married, seemingly happy. And here's me: hideous, soo fat, can't tell a story or joke to save my life, a friggin' idiot, and single--no guys like me and i don't even have any friends. I'm such a failure. to everyone. my parents, my siblings... distant relatives, everyone. and i just plaster a smile on my face and no one thinks anything is wrong with me. they probably wonder why i'm happy. no one knows that i'm so upset on the inside. i even told a friend (well, not that close) about my feelings and everything and she doesn't care. blah. i'm so hated.
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    I don't think you are hated, I just think you are not showing your true self. How can you know what people think of you if you don't show them who you are? Have you spoken to your sister about this? I bet she cares.
  3. bluekangaroo

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    i honestly don't think my sister cares. i love her, but we're really not that close. She's six years older than me, and hasn't really paid much attention to me other than to make fun of me.