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  1. spiritxfade

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    So right now I should be at camp and having fun. Except I'm sitting at home being majorly depressed.

    Some counselors found me curled up in a ball crying and so I thought why not ill seek a little help since I've been feeling depressed for the past couple weeks. I admitted that I cut myself really shallow once and hinted I was having suicidal thoughts. Naturally, they took me to the ER. the ER nurse had this wtf you're fourteen why the hell are you here attitude and she told me I was insane which made me even more depressed and I ten had to spend the night in the health office and they decided to send me home even though i had told them I get worse at home because I can get better help at home.

    So now my depression has worsened and I miss everyone at camp my parents arent even going to be sending me to see my psychologist (who doesn't help at all anyway) and are instead just like "so, what do you wanna do for the next two weeks???" And I want to SH more than ever dammit why'd they send me to my hell? Couldn't I have stayed in heaven for two weeks? Just two more weeks?
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    What a shame.If I could I would go punch that nurse in the face.

    Some people don't deserve certain jobs and its a @ like that nurse
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    Is there anyway you can get to camp? Like tell them you think it would help take your mind off the depression and all.
    Have to agree with the above post that nurse was completely out of order. Really dislike rude unsupportive 'professionals'.
  4. total eclipse

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    Need to talk to your parent tell them camp is the way you can heal be amongst people again. Nurse should be reported for her behavior totally unprofessional
    i think have a professioanl to talk to will help you someone to get the emotions the pain out privately your parents tell them you need help okay call crisis line as well tell them time to heal now okay
  5. spiritxfade

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    My parents and the counselors know that camp helps me more than anything but camp probably just doesn't want liability if I hurt myself especially because there was one kid who committed suicide at camp once a while ago. I'm not mad at anyone and I'm trying to forget about the nurse and I saw the psychologist today and talked a little to my mom for the first time in ages. I don't think I can go back this year but hopefully this wont bar me from going back next summer.