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    Okay this is the last straw. I'm tired of associating myself with a father who doesn't care.

    He never asks me how I am, or how was school, but treats my step sister and step brothers like they are his world. I'm not noticed just because I'm his worst mistake.
    For example, and this may sound petty, but dad wont give me a ride home from the football game on friday. He is willing to ditch me in a bad neighborhood in the middle of the night, knowing I can't get a ride home, because he said he wouldnt be in the mood to come pick me up. Yet, he plans to take everyone but me hiking on saturday and just tells me to spend the night somewhere else.

    I'm staring at boxes in the garage really tempted to leave now. Like it matters to them? They have a perfect, beautiful family that I don't belong in. I could move in with Ryan once I graduate, or move in with a friend of mine and I'm sure he wont even notice.

    I remember beginning of the school year, instead of saying how proud of me he was for being a senior, his exact words were "I'm so glad you are almost done. Now I can think for myself for once and not worry about you."
    It just makes me so angry. I have NO parental figures what so ever. I never had them. Mom was too high and abusive and dad just didn't care. I had to grow up on my own and i'm just lost now.
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    my dad is the same, he'd rather help out my step sister who's not even blood related to him then to help me out...I spent a few years with low income and almost starving but did he help me? heck no, but he bought my step sister a wii, a playstation 2, a nintendo ds, a brand new computer......and he knew i needed a computer for my writing career yet he had three, he kept one, gave one to my sis and gave the other to one of his friend...

    when I was a teen I loved going to the movies with my dad but he didn't want me to go with him "Go with your mom, it'll give you two something to do" yet almost every weekend he, my step mom and step sis go to the movies...

    whatever, his loss, 'cause now he's all alone, and has no one willing to take care of his old farty ass...

    still...its hard to accept a father like :hug: to'll be better off without him anyways...then he'll come running and you can show him the door of his own hell...
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    i am sorry both of you had fathers such as this i understand that pain
    Maybe moving out would be the best for you getting aware from toxic people
    sending lots of hugs to both of you you both deserve so much more then what they have given you.:console::console: