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I tried to overdose last night. And I just couldn't get myself to actually swallow enough pills. Only enough to make me pass out for a couple of hours.
I felt like shit all day today.
I wish I was dead right now.

I wish I had done it.
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Suicide is never the answer. I know sometimes it's hard to hold on, but what will suicide really achieve? There is always something to live for, no matter how small. There is always a future. There is always room for change in your life. Sometimes it seems the easiest change in life is to end it, but where will that get you? People will care. People who don't even know you will know about what you did. It won't just effect those close to you but everyone. The people close to you will be torn apart. I've been there when my boyfriend has attempted suicide. It's the most horrible feeling I could ever imagine. Please try to hold on because there is always a reason <3
I know this won't mean much to you, but I am glad you are stil around. I am glad that you weren't able to swallow enough pills, and that you are here to keep fighting. I know that not being able to do so probably made you feel worse, and I am sorry to hear that, but please just keep trying. I understand that it feels pointless, that right now you feel as if nothing can ever get better again, and so you what is the point in trying. But I believe you can get through this. Keep posting here, let us try and help you, you can PM me any time you need to offload and talk. Are you on any medication to elevate your mood slightly? If not maybe this is something you could look into? They don't help everybody but they help a lot of people. And if are currently on some, clearly they aren't working for you, would it be possible to ask for a review of your medication?
Please take care. :hug:


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HI lost: Thought you might be having some problems. Nice to see you are stillhere though!!! :) Hey i thought i was the hard headed one here lol!! jk
Persistant arent we sometimes? I honestly dont really know you that well but there has to be a different way of coping ya know? I too am getting out of the hospital well a couple of weeks now. For now im going to try something different! We all can choose to end our lives at any time...evryone. Sometimes i wonder what would happen if we expended allthat energy to end it to just live it...instead!!!??? So hang around im going to find out for a change!!


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If you are that suicidal then time to pick up the phone and call crisis or go to hospital where you will be safe You will be given care there and taught coping skills to help you deal with all the sadness and pain inside you Go to hospital NOW okay start healing now okay don't let it build up again inside.
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