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    I feel like I'm the only person sometimes that literally wants the entire human race to just die. Half the time I feel like I'm alone, the other half of the time I feel like if I'm with friends, they're pretending to be my friend. I'm just sick of people. I always want to be alone, my dad constantly tries to get me to hang out with my brothers and him. I can't stand my brothers, My dad is a good person he's just so annoying sometimes, he even knows that I use this site and doesn't care once I told him I 'used' to feel that way. I just don't get it. It's better than living with my fucking mom though. If she had custody of me, I wouldn't be alive right now. 100% guarantee I would be dead. That's how much I hate my mom. Even when I'm alone I fucking judge everything about myself constantly, why can't I just be happy for once? Is it that hard to be happy? The only time I can actually be happy is when I'm distracted with a video game. Ugh. Fuck this. I don't know anymore.
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    I defintely know what it is like to feel that there is nothing out there for me, and that family can be so unsupportive...I am so sorry you are going through is both painful and lonely...glad you posted and please continue to let us know how you are doing