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im bored with life
the only true pleasure i get is out of antisocial behavior. (destroying things, annoying people, hurting people. etc)

i dont see any reason to work hard at life.
Im planning on doing it in a few months. I already have everything i need.

also there are no smiley faces committing suicide on sf forums...
know how you feel slurpee, people just fuck me off recently. i know really that my perception of things is off centred but that doesnt make it any easier to live with.
personally i like snapping cds one handed, it rewards you with a cool noise and a nice stinging sensation in your hand when it actually does snap =/


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how do you get pleasure from hurting people? surely that will only make you feel worse. c'mon give us a chance, you don't have to do this.
hurting people is funny
and so is breaking stuff.

its like stay alive just to cause chaos and problems for everyone.
or take myself out.
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