Ugli Crackhead Bitch Stole My Man!!!

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    I Hate That Blonde Uglii Crackheaded Bitch! What Does He Want With Her?!?!

    Everyone Thinks She Looks Like She's On Drugs! She Is On Drugs, And She's A Drunk..she's A 24 Year Old Motherfuckin Deadbeat With Two Kids..and She's Divorced Already And My Still Obsessed With His Fuckin Crackhead Ex..i Feel So Insulted Right Now!!

    Not To Be Arrogant, But I Look Better Than Her, And Im Not As Crazy..

    Ii Told Him To Remarry Her And He Betta Not Say Any Fucking Thing To Me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Or I Will Go Off On His Ass And Say Everything I Been Wanting To Say To Him..he's Fucking Obsessed With Her Uglii Azz..that Makes Me So Fucking Sick, I Will Kill Her Azz!!!!!!!!!!!!! Uglii Azz Bitch!!!!!!!!
  2. This sounds like Jerry Springer material. :biggrin: