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I have so much ugliness inside and out, please don't post here saying thats not true people make mistakes, etc. etc. b/c that's nto what i need nor want to hear. I don't want to hear I'm special or that I'm unique, I want to hear the truth...that I'm a fuck up...that I screw everything up that comes my way, that I deserve all the pain and all the hate I recieve. :sad: I deserve this hell I'm in, i deserve the disrespectfulness brought on by others, i deserve to hear i overreact, i deserve to hear I'm a bitch, I deserve every ugly thing thrown my way b/c i am ugly..inside and out. I dont deserve love, I dont deserve happiness, so don't bother saying I do and that it'll get better. I don't want ot hear the cookie cutter version of life, the reality is what it is...the reality is the hell I am in..and i created it all by myself. Will some please bury me in this hole I've dug?!


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The reality is:

You're only a "fuck-up" if that's what you choose to believe. You can still dig yourself out of your hole if you choose to.
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