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uh oh ...

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hey guys n gals xxx ((hugs)) as you know im off my trolley but today i have a bad app im not looking forward it at all im really really worried cause i have to confess to a random person of their choosing tht im sh ing and hearing things. ( i did tell a doc on wed about the sh and they sent me away and told me to come back next week) I really feel anxious about it because im worried about getting sectioned even though its very unlikely (well i hope) ! gah!! has anyone else been through the same thing ? can you tell me what happened to you ?? thank you xxx
I haven't been through it, but I wanted to send you warm positive thoughts for today.

I think it would be important to me to stress your complete lack of sleep for a long time, this would play an important role as without sleep, imho, we all suffer a lot more and things can happen that wouldn't normally. And re the SH, I think they will need to know some of your background as that plays a large role.

I hope and pray it goes okay for you. Don't take any %$^!.

Giant hugs :console:
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Thankyou guys you all are my strength ! your always there for me no matter what personal thanks to donna mo and alex !! u guys n girls are the best ! xxxxx


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I hope it goes ok Sarah. I think they need to get you on the right meds and give you a proper diagnosis. They wouldnt secrion you for that. Thinking of you hun xxx


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It's a daunting experience as the things you feel aren't visible and nobody wants to hear about dark thoughts so explaining it can be very scary - but the person you'll speak to will have heard it time and time again and they will be able to offer you the best help you require at that time. (hopefully)

How about writing everything down, when you get there say you don't feel confident enough to talk about it and pass them what you have written?

I hope it goes well. :hug:
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