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    so im writing this balling my eyes out.. because of THREE people.. well really FOUR.. but why i was doing so fine... i was happy hyper.. better then ever.. now i break.. now of all times.. i break.. my ex fiancee dont understand i missed my period unless its extremely late which ok it can b... and the other people.. i knew i shouldnt of started talking to them.. i hate what people do to me.. i need someone to talik to.. im not goin to say whats wrong with me totally.. if ur willing to really listen to me.. and hopefully help me somewat.. but all im asking is for a listener.. msn tiphawee804@gmail.com yahoo is tazzgirl555@yahoo.com please someone..
  2. AthenaSyphier

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    You know I was gonna post something ignorant..say that you are just seeking attention...but you know what...I'm better then that. I do hope you get help...cause girl...you need it.
  3. Mightbehere

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    I suggest you ring a help line.
  4. Rockster

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    I have added you on MSN and i am always ready to listen if you are willing to talk
  5. Petal

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    I'm also always willing to listen :hug: