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Hello everyone. <Edit Moderator Total Eclipse methods>

basically my life is really fked up. im 18, i never had a girl, going to secondary school (i think its called high school), most likely fail same class second time in a row, i have almost no money, people owe me money (wich is annoying feeling!!), i have some strange fear of work (8 hours a day job), and there are MANY more things that makes me think like that.
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We wont give you methods.
your 18. plenty of time for women in your life.
school isnt everything, there are ways around getting to where you want to be, just takes a bit of time.
What have you tried to help yourself? what country are you in?
Also saying that certain ways are "strange" may imply that you dont want to end your life either.
And i can understand that. just want all the stupidnedd and pain to be gone but to be able to be carefree.


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ahh yes but there is just too much wrong in my life :S i live in slovenia i dont really like it. i mean dont really know what should i do now...nothing to do, afraid to do it....


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uhh maybe, but not really close here. I wouldnt go there anyways :S
I know what problems i have and i know they are there.


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yes i know but its like..how will they help me do the class? how will they get me money from those who owe me, how will they>... you know.

and its just really too much of everything :S
xtufpa, therapy is there so that you can feel better. If you feel better, then YOU can get a better grasp on your life, so you can help yourself, mainly through motivation.
suicide is not an alternative or way out.. its an end to your life. time heals all wounds... I know these are just words but talk to someone in person about how you feel. you life is worth living because its your life!!! just know your not alone in the way you feel...


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It's too bad. We get so many people who sign up for this forum just to ask about what the best method is. If it were that simple, we'd have a lot fewer members.

Anything you try, particularly the violent methods, always have a chance of failure, and a big chance of causing permanent damage. So don't try it, it won't work, and then you're really fucked. Brain and organ damage, disfigurement, chronic illness...it goes on.

If you really don't have access to any kind of counseling or other treatment, just remember that attempting suicide is ridiculously risky. Still, I'd guess there was something that could help you. Are you sure your school doesn't offer any kind of counseling services? They can help you get what you want. Getting money from people who owe you, probably not, but everything else is feasible. Anything but suicide, at least for the time being. You can always commit suicide, but there's no reason to do that today.
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