Uk Filesharers the end IS NIGH!!!!!!!

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  1. Perfect Melancholy

    Perfect Melancholy SF Friend

    Thanks to labour rushing through the Digital Economy Act before the elections, ofcom have now announced guidelines to what this means for uk file shares that are caught:

    Here is where we now stand:

    Ofcom says there will be a three-stage notification process whereby internet service providers will send letters to people accused by content owners of copyright infringement. After a third letter, the ISP's customer can then be put on a list submitted to the copyright owner - although, at that stage, they will still be anonymous. The content owner can then choose to get a court order obliging the ISP to identify the customer so that it can take legal action.

    Of course, the really controversial part of the act was the power to order the suspension of a suspected offender's internet account. Ofcom points out that was always a reserve power, which could be introduced if the secretary of state decided it was appropriate. That now means the Culture Secretary Jeremy Hunt; Ofcom says he "has not indicated his intention to make use of these provisions at this time".

    Essentially in a nut shell the cost of this will be covered 75% by the record industry and 25% by the isp's this means costs in both industries could rise and well know who that gets passed onto..............

    My point being, this means any information you have stored on your computer can be accessed and paraded in front of the courts, and available under the freedom of information act..

    Now excuse my while I go and delete all my porn......
  2. Issaccs

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    I will now have to torrent through my neighbours wireless, however I love that Labour proves its love of spying on the populace.
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