UK government sprays its citizens with poison

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  1. me1

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    Thought provoking stuff. Disconcerting too.
    Chem trails are still thought of as a conspiracy theory in the mainstream. I'd like to know what airline pilots, air traffic controllers, meteorologists think of this phenomenon.
    Another eye opening fact is that Prince Charles has 20 odd farms over the UK, where all his food is freshly grown (no pesticides etc). His livestock are reared naturally, aren't fed GM foods, or given injections. I bet he doesn't drink fluridated water either. Makes me wonder.
  3. Abacus21

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    I'll tell you exactly what this is: conspriacy theory - simple as, nothing more.

    End of story, IMO.

    Anyone can make statistics fall their way to support their case, as long as they select the right ones. Remember that.
  4. Random

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    Conspiracy theory? I don't put anything past any government these days. Governments are just as corruptable as any other organization or person(s). Probably even more so because people are highly likely to dismiss any and all allegations against them as just another conspiracy theory. And every government knows it. It's a pretty scary situation when governments never do any significant wrong.
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