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UK help with depression?

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Hi all. After going to the docs a while ago, and discussing intermittent suicidal thoughts, panic attacks, and a previous 10 years of clinical depression, i was told "well the only option for you is to pay for a private counsellor".
My first (and only) session cost me £300, which i had to sell my car to afford. It was a complete waste of money. I have had some long term counseling sessions through a charity (to remain nameless), they they were of no benefit at all.
Is there really no other option in the UK?
hiya JackTR

I can relate that if youre to far down the road like i feel like i am , is that a simple chat or two wont do.
Myself im from belgium and im looking for the same thing as youreself.

Have u tried...


the contact info is on the right topside, plz do give it a try

Let me know if it doesnt turn out to be what ur looking for, u can PM me if you want or on chat im quite often on it aswell.

Keep strong i know its damn hard but know ur not alone here :hug:


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I'm not sure why you are paying - perhaps you are working but if you have to sell a car to pay for it you might qualify for free help.

I'd complain about the doc - maybe his mate is a counsellor or something - it seems unusual as I know people who work and who get counselling on the NHS. Usually community health teams - but there are various options for you such as counselling or therapy which teaches skill-sets used to overcome negative thinking and so on.

Have you used any meds?

Hope you can answer a few questions.

To be honest - your better off here mate - you can get things from the horses mouth so to speak.

So stick around - you soon end up with 600 posts and people who care about you - not because we are paying them!

Best of luck - things can get better - I think you have had a raw deal so far.
Hi Jack
I went to my GP a couple of weeks ago and told her I was feeling suicidal. She sent me straight to the nearest A&E, who had the mental health crisis team see me within an hour. They kept me in hospital one night, and then discharged me to the care of the local community mental health team, who I now see daily. They have doctors, nurses, and councillors, and they usually visit you at your home once a day. However, because I live in a flat-share with 5 other people, I opted to go to their offices every day instead. If I can't make it, we talk on the phone a couple of times, and they have someone on 24/7. They have reviewed my medication, and put me on new stuff, and are also arranging for me to see a Psychiatrist regularly. It's all done by the NHS as well, and they have been fantastic.
I'm so sorry that your doctor didn't help you at all, and that you had to spend so much on seeing a councillor. Maybe try a different doctor. There are definitely services available through the NHS at no cost, which have without a doubt saved me over the past few weeks.
I hope you find someone who can help.
Take care, Jessie.
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