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UK law and drugs

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In the UK it is illegal to sell prescription drugs (or at least unless you are a pharmacist and there is a prescription obviously)

it is not however illegal to buy them. Thus it is completely legal to import certain prescription drugs, from other countries where they are available over the counter.

A good example of this is Tramadol HCL. This is only available with a prescription in the UK, however it is available to buy over the counter in more than 80 countries around the world. (Many other countries are much more forward thinking than we are)

I take tramadol to help manage my depression, I do so completely legally and with the knowledge of my GP and my psychiatrist. And even my family.

The case is different in the US I am afraid, however that particular drug is still not a controlled substance and it can be gotten from online US pharmacies, who are often more understanding about pain medication, and more willing to prescribe the drugs you might need.

One thing I have been unable to find out about UK law, is the legality of importing controlled drugs, such as benzodiazepines. If anyone has more knowledge about the law in this area, please can you get in contact with me about it.

Thank you.

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