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Ultradian Cycling or really rapid cycling for BP disorder?

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I cycle pretty rapidly, usually a few weeks or a month or two between each mood. Is anyone else like this? Ive been depressed for about a week, but at the moment its not too bad. Although thats quite foreboding for me, as I know I'll go into an even worse depression soon before I come up again. But sometimes I have been known to come up and down within one day, and it really confuses me. Anyone else have that too?


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I have it. Rapid cycling bipolar doesn't respond well to drugs. It does respond well to sunglasses ;) See the link in my sig for treatment details. :)
Hi anarulesmenow,

Yes! Just before I was diagnosed I went through a period of time where I rapid cycled to the extreem. I was cycling on the order of days. I don't remember a whole lot but I do remember being "down" and crying for days and then being "up" and doing crazy stuff, and then down again, etc..

This went on for quite a while. My wife, my family, they didn't know at all what to do.

Anyway, ya, I can relate.

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