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um, hi

Discussion in 'Welcome' started by Emo Chick, Feb 17, 2006.

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  1. Emo Chick

    Emo Chick Member

    hello people,
    um, my name is nat, and i got a link for here on ue,
    thanks hazibell, has anyone else for ue been here?
  2. Hi!

    Welcome to the forum :D I hope that you enjoy being a member and find it useful :)

    I might be being slow but what is ue?!

  3. Abacus21

    Abacus21 Staff Alumni

    Not from UE, whatever that may be, but I can welcome you to the forum :)

    So welcome! :welcome:
    Hope to see you around

  4. Emo Chick

    Emo Chick Member

    thank you for the welcomes
    ue is another forum, unfortunate events, it discusses the series of unfortunate events books, iv just posted a letter and hinted at suicide, thats when i found the link. I dont think people will care anyway, im not that special
  5. Abacus21

    Abacus21 Staff Alumni

    Well, youve come to right place if you want support, and we're always here for you.
  6. I think that every person is special and worth care and support. That includes you and every other person on the forum :) So do keep posting and I am glad that you have found us :) Feel free to contact me any time


  7. Emo Chick

    Emo Chick Member

    Thank you, again
    i think i have to go, my mums making me clean my room, and shes scary when shes angry, she screamed at me the other day shell snap and ill be very sorry when she does. I can guess that snap is hitting me, but she hits me anyway. Im terrified coming home everyday, in case shes angry or something :(
  8. Wonderstuff

    Wonderstuff Staff Alumni

    :welcome: to the Forum Emo_Chick. You're right, Hazibell's cool :D
    I'm sorry you're walking on eggshells where your mum is concerned. I hope that gets better soon.
    Well, I hope to see you around :)
    Take care,

    Lauren, aka Moonie.
  9. Hi hun - it's difficult to understand other peoples anger sometimes - it's hard enuogh to understand our own let alone someone elses!.... Perhaps you could get involved in more activities away from home and your mum whilst she seems to be so angry with you? Music or sport or a social club or something? At least that way you get more time where you are not scared?

    Love and good wishes

  10. BrokenPieces

    BrokenPieces Well-Known Member

    Hello, and welcome to the site...i am here if you need anything!

    Love BP
  11. Jenny

    Jenny Staff Alumni

    :welcome: to the forum... hope you like it here and that things went ok with your mum :hug:
  12. Hi, welcome to the forum, glad you found us
  13. Hazibell

    Hazibell Well-Known Member

    hiya nat :D
    im glad uve found us and that i could be of help. if you ever wanna talk as we kinda know each other now then feel free to pm me :)
    everyone here does care and every member finds a friend and is special in their own way :D
  14. thedeafmusician

    thedeafmusician Staff Alumni


  15. thedeafmusician

    thedeafmusician Staff Alumni

    Sorry.... am writing up another welcome post because I was in too much of a hurry to read this thread properly this morning. Anyway, I'm sorry that your mum is like this at the moment... just try not to let it get to you too much, dont make her problems yours as well. I know how much easier said than done that is. And lastly I agree with what Saj said before... getting out of the house may help.

    Hope to see you around,
  16. Emo Chick

    Emo Chick Member

    Ah, shes been threatening me again.. oh well, im useless, ill have to live with it i guess :)
    thanks for the welcomes!
  17. BlackPegasus

    BlackPegasus Well-Known Member

    Just wanted to offer my late welcome. I'm just getting back into the swing of things.

  18. Emo Chick

    Emo Chick Member

    I forgot my password for here
    *rolls eyes* :rolleyes:
    I'm back?
    If anyone would like to know :smile:

    Lubb x
  19. Jenny

    Jenny Staff Alumni

    :welcome: back to the forum! Glad you've got your password back again.. is good to see you around. How are you doing?
  20. gentlelady

    gentlelady Staff Alumni

    :welcome: back to the forum. Good to see you. :hug:
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