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    I am so sick of being treated like a fucking two year old by my family. They don't tell me anything, then expect me to be a fucking grown up when they want me to be. My bloody 14year old cousin had to tell me something about the family last night.....they could tell her but obviously didn't care enough to tell me.

    It's been two weeks since I s/h'ed....last night I fought the first major urge of that two weeks...was kind of proud of myself. Woke up this morning feeling just as bad and wanting to do it again :sad:

    Vikki sorry for posting about this...

    I hide my scars from everyone. I have only just managed to get the courage to show them in front of my family. I home around Vikki's family. Safe. Comfortable. I've been walking around with no sleeves on for the past few months. Last night her little brother turned around in front of 4 of us and said "What's with the scars on your arms?" :laugh: Last time I get comfortable in front of people ^ ^

    I don't even know what I'm rambling about anymore :blink:

    I'll just shut up :zipped:
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    sam :hug: i'm sorry for the way you been treated and I'm here for you hun i care about you :hug:
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    sam, take care of yourself:hug: i feel bad for the way your family has treated you.
    if you ever want to talk, i'm here for you.
    i'm sorry you've had to s/h lately.
    be careful hun :hug:
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    :hug: Danni
    :hug: J

    Thanks for reading that both of you xxxx
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    P.S Jcat - I haven't S/H'ed in 16 days :)