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well long story short I posted ages ago about Mum having dizzy spells... well months and months later she still has them, I think, but she wont admit it. She says she's better but somehow I get the idea that she's holding out on me. I think she's still sick but she absolutely refuses to go to the docs.

Its not just dizzy spells though, her right arm has gotten bad again and she cant lift that much heavy stuff and so she's been getting me to do the housework again - more than what I usually do that is, which is fairly sizable compared to my friends. And then when she does something a bit more rigorous, like say vacuuming, I notice sometimes she has to stop suddenly to catch her breath, and she also seems a lot more tired than her usual tired - and yet she's getting more sleep than she usually does, even with her sleep apnoea (sp?).

I'm starting to think it might be something to do with her heart... which makes it even more important methinks for her to go to the docs, and so I mentioned it today to her. But she said that she doesnt want to go, even though she was due to go back for a blood test about 4 months ago now. she says that she doesnt want to know, which to me implies that something IS wrong. And also, I really dont think that she cares much that if she puts off a visit to the docs that she'll make it worse.. whatever it might be.

I'm thinking i should tell dad too... as much as I dont really like him much atm and as much as I dont really see him much coz I think he needs to know. But then shouldnt it be Mum not me to tell him? But on the other hand he should prolly know - because if Mum actually does have something wrong - which im pretty sure she does and something happens to her I dont know if i'd forgive myself... coz I'm starting to worry for her.

Bleugh I dont know anymore... sorry for rambling... I guess I just really dont know and so it sort of turned into a rant... oh well.
... I know its like a week later but now I'm really worried for her... telling Dad is a bit out of the question now and I *tried* to ring my grandpa, all the way across the world - yes this is how desperate I'm getting but it seems like Mum always seems to know when I'm about to call someone because she always, and I mean always walks in on me when I do. I tried to sneak to a payphone on the way back to the milkbar and she called me on my phone to ask why I was taking so long. Its frigging impossible I swear to get hold of him, because he is one of the few people she'll still listen to that I could *maybe* convince to get her to go and see a docter. I even thought about downloading Skype and calling him from there, but my frigging mic doesnt work!!! I dont win!! grrrrrr!!!
Keep trying TDM. One of these times you will get through. Your mom can't be there always. Then you can take the opportunity to get help for her. Remeber you have friends here that will do what they can to help you hun. Take care. :hug:


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i am not sure ho wthe laws work in other countries, but here in the states we have one calle the good sameritans law, it esentaly empowers you to tie up, drag to and force to talk to a doc any one whom you think is ineed of help, i meen there are limitations but her being your mother and all would cover most of those....
There *is* such a law here, but its only in SA... and I dont live there. I cant really force her to do anything. She isnt gonna listen to me... I'd be better off getting someone who she *will* listen to - or at least listen to more than me. This situation stinks.


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i know the feeling tdm, ...parents atempt to hide the truth of thier illness from thier children, it is thier way of protecting us, my mother was Dx emphazimic for 3 years befor she siad anything to anyone, and it is like pullig teeth to get her to get her bianuale chuckup for it...i realy dont know what they think it will acomplish, the hiding and the feretivness, all it does is hurt use more in the know irealized that i have hundreds of stories of my mother hidding illnesss from us kids...
She went down to the garden from 6-8am today... while I was asleep grrr and now she has not left the living room at all today - which SUCKS because thats where the phone is!!! I really really need to call before school starts because if I dont I wont be able to but its really starting to piss me because I HAVENT HAD A CHANCE! :wallbash:

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