Un-answerable Questions For My Maker

Discussion in 'Poet's Corner' started by theleastofthese, Sep 14, 2006.

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    I regret every single thing I (should have but) haven't done.
    Every race I haven't won, or even run.
    And every joyous, satisfied person that I see
    Makes me wonder more than ever why the hell did God make me?:unsure:

    I have four smart and lovely daughters, even so, I'm not too sure
    That's enough for them to grow up to be healthy and secure.
    Every college-bound, successful child whose picture that I see
    Makes me wonder more than ever why did God give kids to me?:unsure:

    I envy those whose happiness I can't begin to measure.
    Is it family, work, or money? What is it gives them pleasure?
    My endeavors all seem endless, they just bring more misery.
    And I wonder all the more, what's the reason to be me?:unsure:

    Peace of mind's attainable, I see proof most every day.
    But still I want to know if God is listening when I pray.
    I do the best I can, please God, why can't you help me be
    More contented with my life? I need to know why You made me.:sad:

    8/12/99 (even more applicable today than when it was written)
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  2. I understand your questions... I've asked the same things - how can I still be alive?!?!

    But to answer in short form, whether you receive others or not, I'm glad you're here (so's everyone blessed at the forum), and your kids are too - they just don't know how much (yet)- you're so good with them! even when they bug the hell outa you!

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