Unable to get over a breakup... *Trigger warning*

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    I have had four fucking weeks of hell poured down upon me due to a breakup i had over just a 5 day relationship, pretty much my first relationship ever as well. I can seriously not stand these feelings I am having over it, although I have spiraled over feelings of sadness to so much hate as well, for some things she said about me like me being a suicidal weirdo and her lying to me... Like every time I see her in the halls of my school I just want to cry.There is all these reminders and they all ruin my day and I have not yet had a day where I am happy, in which even before this i felt like shit all the time but all of this just made it fucking worse... What the hell do I do to stop thinking abut her and get over all of this the though of her makes me want to just fucking kill myself and because of all of this I started self harming more and threatened to kill myself... What do I do I just want this to fucking stop PLEASE.
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    You go and talk to a councilor at your school talk to a teacher you trust ok. You get some therapy to help you deal with all this anger and pain
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    I agree with seeing a therapist. I read some articles that heartbreak can have dangerous affects physically and not just emotionally, and can be similar to expriencing death of a loved one.

    Since your "relationship" lasted only five days, I think you're just coping with infatuation. The next best thing you can do is stay busy. Get into hobbies, exercising, read a non-romantic book, do things that improve yourself instead of destroying yourself while your ex thrives, and no matter what you do that hurts you - even threaten to kill yourself - she is going to move on with life and thrive. If she didnt accept who you are as a person,then its a favor that your relationship was over so quickly because you would have become miserable with someone who doesnt even love you. Youre free now to take advantage of being single and getting yourself ready for someone who will actually be good for you and who wont think poorly of you, but will admire and adore you.

    But you wont find her while moaning over someone else who barely knew you and who doesnt even want you. You have to go through a few of these before finding the person who is right for you. But first you have to realize and acknowledge that your ex actually was not the one, so you can pull yourself up and wait and be ready for the one whenever that happens.