unable to talk to anyone

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    i dont mean this in the way your probably expecting, i have a few people that i can talk to if i could and wanted to pile my problems onto them, but i seem to be physically unable to have a conversation in person with anyone. even with my mum or best friend it's just an awkward silence then a few words then another silence. i think i have some major personality fault where i feel anxious and awkward talking to anyone, i cant talk to people on the phone without literally forcing myself to, the thought of talking to a person face to face that i dont know terrorfies me which is why it is so hard for me to go to a doctor and i could never get any benefit from therapy...

    so my life pretty much consists of staying home listening to music and talking to people online, and even then anything more then the occasional chat is so hard. my life seems so empty and unforfilled, i doubt i will ever be able to have a real job or go back to college. i wouldent class myself as actively suicidal but i honestly dont see how there can be any other option when the alternative is living like this.
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    I know of someone who is a 'selective mute'. She has therapy and goes to the docs and such and whilst it is challenging, she still gets benefit from it. Things like art therapy in particular can be very beneficial, as can working with a therapist who focuses on communicating in ways other than verbal communication.

    If you wanted to see a doctor (and potentially, if you could, it could make a hugely positive difference) then maybe write them a letter and hand it over, including explaining why talking is so hard, etc.

    There are ways around it if you look for them and are willing to experiment.

    Have you tried volunteering? If volunteering with people is hard, how about volunteering with animals because they don't require conversation and you might find it could hlep build your confidence and self esteen.

    There are many other options for your life. There are many ways to positively change it, its just a case of looking for them.