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    I have a lot to learn,
    A long way left to go.
    And I am sorry,
    That you have to endure me,
    And my imperfections...
    My insecurities shape me,
    My countless fears my mold...
    I am new to this,
    And I need your hand,
    Won't you take mine?
    I trip and fall,
    And I go too far...
    Way too far...
    I am leaving myself bare,
    Without armor and sword,
    And my heart is on my sleeve.
    I beg for your forgiveness,
    Even after you have granted it,
    And I might in a weak moment,
    Have asked you treat me wrong,
    Treat me as I was accustomed to.
    Old ghosts might have called my name,
    Dragged me along,
    And I might have closed my eyes,
    For I am still as a newborn babe,
    Oblivious and unaccustomed to this,
    That we share...
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.