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    I was Carted through the station

    In a heavy metal crate I was created

    the voices feeling distant yet still floating in through

    The bars of my cage, inhuman...still I know.

    I couldn't feel the change as my emotions flattened down

    Under the soles of my feet, on the cold cement ground

    They faded still- sometimes though they remain

    Like savages beating an old deerskin drum

    Like those pure worthy nuns screaming for sex and they run

    And in the distance you can still hear her hum...

    For my heart they carry themselves around a lot

    to wave away my sorrow, shall I tie a knot in my heart

    No human love, no careless bond...tied around my neck

    I am bound in a straight-jacket

    Chained to the walls and I want no human to come back

    My daughter leans on the bricks, smoking tobacco

    Dreaming of San Fransisco and Johnny in Chicago

    And lovers with love that lasts forever

    I loved a man in a white suite, he drowned himself in alcohol

    He had a goatee and his angry heart would have leapt

    Right out of his chest into my palms

    he wore rage on his sleeve

    And anger was his plot, he swept around my cot

    I remember a boy, in yellow overalls

    Who drank whiskey and dreamed

    Of video games and shopping malls

    We once shot bullets in the dark
    Then our knives went up through the walls and the ceiling

    And then sometimes we'd stab our hearts

    Stuck on a train

    Rambling on about my misdirection

    Pain, or sadness...nothing nothing

    With a baggage of thoughts

    heavy weights upon the soul

    But you'd spare it for God and your self-control!

    Or to talk to the angels you love,

    Who imagine you pretty
    And violently free

    Sending you flowers and misery from above

    a body stuck in one cell

    without a place to really dwell

    In the confines of misery
    Death row, a tragic history

    A witch in the dungeon

    Where theories find refuge

    In religion.

    Drowning under the sea

    Body scorched with devil's marks

    And who do you set before me?

    The woman who you called a whore.

    Before the line is their divide

    Before the mind, I criticized a mind for

    A psychology of nothing...thoughts regained their power

    Like the essence of flowers

    your pills taste like bitter candy

    Like sweet tarts and brandy

    And I dreamt about nuclear bombs

    When I rode through Mississipi

    I felt so non-committal
    To death and its glory

    Canned fish and open mouths

    Ready to bite the hook, humans so greedily

    Baited the fish, who were them but also me

    I do not need nothing but I bleed

    Until dry

    On and off and the devices they will rewind

    As I am defined

    Carrying my bones...no one who knows of my fright

    Lost zones and comfortable frowns

    Stuck on a train tonight

    Rambling on, no destination I carry myself free

    He is dying, then he is dying and I am alive immortally

    Everyone is gone...away far away

    Into the light of the new dawn I run

    But I keep rambling on

    I keep rambling on

    I keep on going with nothing in mind

    Until I settle over the sheet

    And barely can I greet

    The pessimistic frown

    And I am the solitary clown

    Scoffed at and bound

    And I am neither male nor female

    But insane, stripped of my world so probable

    So probable and sound.
  2. theleastofthese

    theleastofthese SF Friend Staff Alumni

    I like this one very much!:smile:
  3. Petal

    Petal SF dreamer Staff Member Safety & Support SF Supporter

    wow, i love this poem, its awesome! thanks so much for sharing:smile:
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