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    It's the worst thing in the world to not be certain of anything-Your sanity, your point of view, your own truth, I just can't cope with reality sometimes and I'm always arguing with people without even being sure if I'm right or why I'm arguing, I always feel as if no one can really relate to me and how I can because I'm nor even sure I feel anything other than a grim terror that everything is pointless and unreal.
    My mood is also constantly swing back and forth for no reason whatsoever, anything or even nothing can set me off, sometimes I have a few bad days and can't really operate at all where as other day's I'm insanely happy but can switch moods faster than think.
    It's hard to digest or get a hold of so I'm never sure of descision or even what's really wrong.
    Eveything seems so interlinked and more complex than it really is but then am I just too close to see it all properly, I don't know, it's just good to let it out.
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    Sometimes I am not sure either of my mental health. But once I read somewhere that people who are indeed mentally ill don't question their sanity.According to that, we are both sane. :smile: :hug:
    Those mood swings seem suspiciously like depression signs. Did you ever go to a specialist?