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I've just started my first year at uni, I'm a bit older than others but despite this I moved into halls to keep costs down. I'm having trouble adjusting. I've been free of compemplating suicide for a while, but I still mull over methods and this has become more frequent, to the point I now have the means at my dispolsal. Please understand i am in now way saying I will do anything to harm myself, it just makes it easier to know I can. It's weird. I have a great friendship network but we're now all over the country, and I don't feel that it's fair to tell people I care about that I wish to harm/suicide. Also, living with 18yr old girls makes it more important I keep these kinds of feelings to myself. I'm confused. I know it will pass, the nature of my illness means it always does. I suppose that's why I came on here. Just to share my thoughts and see if anyone has any advice? if anyone has any tips on concentration methods while depressed I'd really appreciate those, as the work is beginning to pile up! Thank you for your time.


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Hi Jessie...welcome as I did not see your first post...stress does have a way of bringing out some of the old monsters, and causing the other ones to have a field day...maybe there is a counselor at the uni you can talk to so that the transition is a bit easier...being in new surrounding, and having the pressure of academic achievement sure can make just about anyone doubt themselves...when i am in those situations, I do create affirmations to help balance the other 'voices'...such as, 'you are smart; you can do this'...hope the adjustment time passes quickly and that you feel more at ease...big hugs, Jackie


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Ginkgo Biloba will help with the concentration probs. You can get it in most health food shops.
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