Unconditional Love

Discussion in 'Poet's Corner' started by ThornThatNeverHeals, Feb 27, 2016.

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  1. ThornThatNeverHeals

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    The heart is like its own creature,
    It runs wild,
    Makes ridiculous decisions...

    Then people take advantage of this,
    Cut you up,
    Make unnecessary incisions.

    But what if there was something meaningful,
    A mutual love,
    A return on the try ...

    Perhaps i find this within an animal's heart,
    Unconditional love,
    It doesn't matter when or why.

    They bear my tears silently without protest,
    My fits of anger,
    My irrational mood swings.

    They provide love back then I don't deserve,
    Give endless hope,
    And my heart strong wings.

    No, I do not understand why,
    I cannot comprehend,
    But they are always there.

    Without this form of love in life,
    Without this support,
    For life I could not care.
  2. ThePhantomLady

    ThePhantomLady Safety and Support SF Supporter

    This was beautiful hun!

    But you do deserve the love.*hugs*
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