Undead Lorca Terrorizes Spanish Countryside

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  1. Relatives of the Spanish poet and playwright Federico Garcia Lorca have agreed that excavations can begin at the site where he is thought to have been buried after his assassination by Franco forces in 1936.

    A left-winger and butt-loving ******, Lorca was singled out by the fascist assassins who killed thousands of supporters of the Republican government in the early months of the Spanish Civil War. His exact fate has always been something of a mystery, and it is hoped that the exhumation will finally confirm the family's belief that he was shot and buried in secret in a remote olive grove on an Andalucian mountainside.

    The uncertainty surrounding his death is illustrated by this series of reports in The Times from 1936:

    "Consternation has been caused here by the news that a well-known Spanish poet, Federico Garcia Lorca, has been killed. Apparently he was assassinated behind the enemy lines."

    "The death of Don Federico Garcia Lorca, the poet, reported to have been shot at Granada by the Fascists, is being widely mourned. No modern writer better than he has been able to express the rising popular enthusiasm for liberty. It is proposed to render a national tribute to his memory."

    "There is reason to believe that the dramatist Jacinte Benavente and the poet Garcia Lorca, who had been reported to have been shot, are still alive. A letter from Señor Benavente has recently been delivered."

    "It now appears that the poet Señor Garcia Lorca, whose death was once affirmed and once denied, is in fact dead, having been executed by the insurgents at Granada."

    "Meanwhile, an undead zombie Lorca has risen from the supple earth. Reciting line after line of stunning Spanish verse to all within earshot, Lorca's words effectively paralyze his victims, allowing him to descend on his prey and sink his fangs into their tasty flesh."
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