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  1. Not one of me best but i thought i would share it with you anyway, as always I appreciate any comments, advice or...er....(reluctantly) criticism

    When you can offer a soul
    To those who’ve lived without
    And construct charisma for each
    Whilst ridding self doubt

    When you can set selfishness free
    And lend tears for sorrow
    Not of their own
    And do the same tomorrow

    When you can create beauty
    In lives ugly and sordid
    And bring a new found joy
    To dreams nasty and morbid

    When you can banish envy
    On a face where beauty lacks
    And teach that love for one’s self
    Is often what attracts

    Then I know, my love
    You’re more than worthy
    Of the world’s adoration
    Of my endless adoration
  2. Petal

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    I like it :)
  3. pit

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    Very good poem.

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