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Understanding Depression

My Dad killed himself nearly 2 weeks ago, we had he's funeral yesterday. I was compelled to speak about my Dad as he was a great father and fantastic man. . . .

Every new day poses a new question ? Here was a man with no history of depression, no financial problems, a big family around him, popular at work . . a confident, strong man . . . . ?

Having spoke about my Dads decent from what we were aware, within 2 months of the lack of sleep, stress/anxiety, inability to make firm decisions . . . we are all trying to find , understand what triggered the irrational final act of he s life?

Is a mental breakdown, the consequence of depression or vice versa ? I guess I will never really know as only my Dad holds those answers.

I have to make my own peace with the situation, i know I'm going to struggle with the void in my life ?

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I am so sorry for the loss hun As you said many things can cause a break down of ones ability to cope. Stress lack of sleep both coursers to depression
to much pressure to many deadlines who knows.
I do hope you have councilling a therapist to help you hun it is so soon after your fathers death please surround yourself with all the support you can get hugs to you


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I am always so impressed with how we can live in such a duality. There are times we can never know what someone feels in the secret of their own soul...I hope you know there is nothing you could have done differently, and your father's actions in no way negate the feelings he had for you. Sometimes, there are no answers, even if we change the questions...I hope you live in his memory and show the caring he gave to you, to others...my deepest condolences...J


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jackrussell - I apologize, I thought I had already expressed my condolences but I had not. I have found there really are not words to verbalize the support we want to be sharing. I think that time helps as much as anything, but even it can be a cruel, tedious journey. I wish the best for you and your family in this time.

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